What is PramShare?

PramShare aims to provide a simple-to-use platform for parents to find a suitable pram for their children at different stages of growing up for different needs.

If you are a tourist travelling to Singapore with kids, you will certainly need a pram when you are touring around the garden city. The pram will be a lifesaver when your child is tired and you are only half way through or on the other end of the island. 

If you are living in Singapore, you will no longer need to buy a big stroller hoping that it will last for at least three years but be constantly worried that your newborn will be falling out of the over-sized stroller.

We also hope that there will be fewer instances whereby toddlers are uncomfortably placed in strollers too small for them.

As parents, we understand the constant struggle between providing the best for our precious ones and meeting financial obligations. By giving parents a chance to rent quality baby equipment at a fraction of their usual retail price, we hope to bring the opportunity for parents to give the best for their babies – full protection and ergonomic support for newborns and versatile strollers for active toddlers.

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