How to wash your infant car seat

August 06, 2016 PramShare .

It is always good to wash your infant car seat regularly so as to provide a high hygiene environment for your baby and prevent germs from spreading. Furthermore, washing a car seat is not as exhausting as what you might first imagine it to be because the majority of car seat covers can be washed by machine.   

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Remove all covers and accessories

Check your user manual to on the correct way to remove all the car seat accessories and cover. If you have lost your user manual, you may download it from your manufacturer's website.

User guides are always available for download at Stokke's official website

Step 2: Wash the covers accordingly

Refer to the washing label tagged to the car seat cover for washing instructions,  and they are usually located under the covers.

As indicated on the washing label of Stokke iZi Sleep X3 over here, the covers can be machine washed at a maximum of 40°C/104°F. Do not tumble dry, and let it drip dry instead.    

Please use mild detergent/baby laundry detergent for the wash, we have also selected "Easy Care" function on our washing machine for a more delicate wash. 

 Step 3: Inspect your infant car seat

While all the covers are washing or drying, this is the best time to inspect your infant car seat for any defect. Infant car seat is meant to be a protection for your baby in the event of accidents, ensuring that all functions are working properly can safeguard your baby from any injury. 

Check that all small parts are in good working condition and most importantly check that your Energy Absorbing Foam (EAF) is intact. EAF is the large piece of white foam underneath the seat cover, it is meant to absorb the impact during car accident hence minimising injury to the baby. 

*If you are using one passed down from your friends, please ensure to have the EAF check prior to use.

Checking on the Energy Absorbing Foam.

Step 4: Wipe the car seat

For those that cannot be washed in the machine, such as the seat buckle and seat body, you may use a baby wipe to clean them. 

Step 5: Refit the cover and accessories

Refit all the covers according to the user manual and store your car seat in a cool area or you may start installing it in your car for next use! 


Let us know if you have another better way to wash and care for your infant car seat. :) 

If you find this guide useful, feel free to share this link to your friends! :D 


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  • PramShare

    Aug 17, 2016

    Hi Ivy,
    Alternatively, your friend might want to engage a specialist to wash the infant car seat for her. It cost only $25 per car seat.
    You may check it out from the website

  • Ivy Kam

    Aug 17, 2016

    My friend keep complains about the dirty infant car seat at her house, will share this post with her :)

  • Fadzi Razak

    Aug 15, 2016

    Hmmm, I haven’t wash my baby car seat for a year now >.< bad mummy!

  • Leona Lim

    Aug 15, 2016

    not many people know how to remove and wash it I suppose, so this is a great share

  • Aliza Sara

    Aug 15, 2016

    Very informative. always wondered how to clean an infants car seat before this. haha

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